The concept of monthly jewelry box is currently gaining popularity. It's a way to no longer choose your accessories, but to rely on the selection of a professional team that is aware of the trends. With a monthly box developed by Hadi Jewelry, you discover the new collections of your favorite jewelry brand before anyone else.

Exclusive access to the new collections of your favorite brand

Do you love beautiful jewelry? Accessorizing your outfits with necklaces, bracelets, rings, and rings is a way to make them unique. Getting quality jewelry can be difficult due to the prices. But with the monthly jewelry box, you will have no more excuses. Every month, you will receive jewelry in your mailbox with a good value for money.

No need to search for the latest fashion accessories anymore, as they come directly to you. In addition, you will save money. Indeed, the jewelry provided in the box is two to three times cheaper than those available in jewelry stores. Yet, they are of the same quality. Moreover, it is extremely pleasant to receive a surprise piece of jewelry every month. Rest assured that you will not receive trinkets. The jewelry selections are made with care and meet your expectations.

Buy quality jewelry at affordable prices

You can subscribe to receive a jewelry box every month, every three months, or every six months. The subscription cost starts at €10 per month, with no commitment required. This offer is particularly interesting if you like to change your jewelry daily. Each piece is custom-made and the store's team makes efforts to ensure the quality of the box compositions.

Every month, you receive two or three pieces of jewelry that match your style at your home. The jewelry is often adjustable. You will find beautiful sets of earrings, rings, necklaces in multiple rows or in a single row, bracelets, etc. Each order is packaged in a special box and a beautiful case. The boxes are available in a variety of finishes. If you subscribe, you get a discount for a longer duration.

Subscribe to a monthly box subscription

To subscribe to a monthly jewelry box subscription, you just have to create your account. The next step is to provide delivery information. The subscription payment is made after creating your account. It's time to choose the duration of your subscription and the type of box you want to receive each month. By taking a long-term subscription, you will no longer miss the new collections of your favorite brand. Moreover, you discover them before other customers.

As it is a commitment-free subscription, you have the option to stop it at any time. Make sure to check the operating procedure of your store to avoid any misunderstandings. The advantage of a jewelry box for women is that you can offer it to your loved ones if you feel that your collection is complete.

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