To add a touch of authenticity and elegance to your outfit, you must add beautiful jewelry sets. Over time, the choices diminish and the desire to enrich the collection arises. It must be said that the jewelry sets to wear must perfectly match the style of the day. Why not try subscribing to a monthly jewelry box at Hadi Jewelry? It's a practical and interesting solution. Discover this offer and its advantages.

What is a monthly jewelry box?

It is an offer intended for all women who are addicted to new jewelry. As the name suggests, it allows you to receive a box every month. The box contains two pieces of jewelry from a rich collection of earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets created by true jewelry experts. These pieces are of great elegance.

To take advantage of this offer, you must subscribe to the monthly jewelry box subscription. It is a non-binding formula. However, the contract is automatically renewed. So, if you want to stop receiving a box, you must proceed with the cancellation. Its major advantage is that it allows you to embellish your collection with two new pieces of jewelry each month.

What jewelry can be discovered in the monthly box?

It is impossible to know in advance the content of the monthly jewelry box. That being said, the quality of the jewelry sets is guaranteed. They have been made with stainless steel or 925 silver. Some jewelry pieces have a silver finish, while others are adorned in fine gold. In any case, each piece displays a sublime and elegant shape.

The style can vary from one set to another. Indeed, you can choose between three collections. There is the Trendy collection, which brings together trendy jewelry pieces in the colors of the time. They are perfect for fashion enthusiasts.

Then there is the Boho collection composed of sets combining three different styles namely: bohemian, chic, and vintage. They reveal a completely original look. Finally, there is the Colorful collection made up of colorful jewelry pieces, highly appreciated by fans of a whimsical look.

Is it possible to choose or modify the content of the box?

The monthly jewelry box is supposed to be a gift and its content should remain a surprise. It is to be given to oneself or to an exceptional woman. As mentioned earlier, you cannot choose the content. In other words, you will not know the type or shape of the jewelry sets you will receive each month. However, you have the right to specify their style. After all, everyone has their own taste and desires.

The box will be delivered to you at the agreed time. Just open it to discover your surprise. If the delivered items do not suit you, you can request an exchange. It should be noted that the delivery is free, regardless of the chosen jewelry box subscription plan. In addition to all this, you can gift the subscription to someone. To do this, simply convert it into a gift card.

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