In fashion, fashion weeks set the trends. At each fashion show, fashion followers closely scrutinize what the major fashion houses are offering. These events not only dictate the contents of our wardrobes, but also influence our jewelry boxes. This year is marked by the return of ostentatious and colorful jewelry. These trends signify a desire to break away from several years of sobriety. Whether it's fine jewelry or costume jewelry, the most important thing is to find the right combination to complement your style. Discover jewelry trends in 2023 in the article.

Ring layering: the style that dominates in 2023

Rings are making a strong comeback this year. They were impossible to miss during the shows of major designers. Whether in silver, gold, or another color, this piece of jewelry will be the standout piece of your look in 2023.

This technique is already known to fashionistas in the clothing domain. This year, it extends to jewelry. When it comes to rings, layering involves wearing two different rings. The first one can be your engagement ring. The second is a more personalized and original design.


It is already a common practice among models. You have probably seen it in fashion magazines. Be careful, stacking does not mean going overboard. To stay on trend, you can stack thin rings.

The most important thing is to vary the shapes, not just settle for a simple gold ring. Shapes like arrows and hearts bring an original touch to your manicure. A small stone enhances the elegance of your look.

Large rings

While fine rings are a safe choice to remain elegant, large rings provide a trendy look. Here, you don't need to invest in rare metal jewelry. Costume jewelry easily finds its place in your jewelry box.

With a large resin ring on your middle finger, you won't go unnoticed. Dare to use strong colors to enhance a classic look like a little black dress, for example.

No need to add a bracelet to your wrists, the large ring is already a standout piece. For those with short fingers, elongated shapes are more suitable. They give an illusion of length to your fingers.

In terms of manicure, you have the choice between contrast or harmony between pastel colors.


The stacking hashtag is on everyone's lips on Instagram. Fashion influencers proudly display photos of their necks, wrists, or even ankles followed by the stacking hashtag. This English word means "stacking" in French. It is impossible to miss wrists adorned with numerous bangles and cuffs.

Where does the stacking trend come from?

In fashion, we like to recycle past trends. Stacking is no exception. It is directly inspired by the orientalist movement of the 1920s. At that time, women liked to layer several necklaces as in Asian and African cultures. In women's fashion, wearing these ostentatious sets was a way to rebel against the strict code of Western jewelry.

It made a comeback in the 1970s, thanks to Loulou de la Falaise. This designer highlighted the boho chic style by popularizing the marriage between gold and silver.

In recent years, it has made a comeback to chase away the sober style from before the pandemic. This time, women want to break the monotony of the 2000s. All styles are allowed as long as a certain code is respected. By layering several necklaces, you bring an original touch to the classic outfit composed of jeans and a white t-shirt.

Bracelet stacking

This is the new trend not to be missed in 2023. Stacking has been highlighted by many fashion influencers. It doesn't stop at necklaces, but extends to bracelets.

To adopt it, simply wear several bracelets on your wrist. This technique adds a stylish touch to a classic look. It may seem simple at first glance. However, to avoid a fashion faux pas, you must follow some rules.

First, stacking does not mean excess. It is important to maintain a certain balance. With thin gold thread bracelets, you can stack up to 8 pieces of jewelry. However, with thicker pieces like a gold watch or stone-set bracelets, three bracelets are enough.

You can mix the sizes of your bracelets. Just know that three thin bracelets are equivalent to one thick bracelet. Thus, to accompany a gold watch, you can add up to 4 thin bracelets.

To achieve an original and personalized look, you must succeed in combining colors and materials. To achieve the desired effect, you must find a certain harmony between the jewelry. You can play with the contrast between a gold bracelet and a silver one, for example.

In terms of material, it is best to limit yourself to two only, such as leather and stone, for example.

For a more daring look, you can wear bracelets on both wrists. In this case, wear the bold bracelet on the right wrist and the finer pieces on the other.

Ankle chains

An ankle chain is no exception to this rule. It is a fine and discreet piece that is worn on our ankle to add a casual touch. In summer, the chain softens the formal side of your outfit.

The ankle chain can be silver. You can also opt for a charm bracelet. The choices are endless. With the trend of stacking, it is possible to wear two, or even three, bracelets at once on your foot.

The watch to enhance your wrist

Who said you had to settle for stacking jewelry? The watch can also break the monotony of your look. The most important thing is to find the right balance. Thus, if you wear rare metal jewelry, the watch should be more elegant.

Necklace stacking

Necklace stacking has become a classic, as it keeps returning to fashion regularly. As with bracelets, the first reflex is to distinguish your fine necklaces from statement necklaces.

Which necklace is in fashion? With this type of jewelry in particular, you can play on several aspects: length, size, and material. Regarding length, opt for a choker (necklace close to the neck) and a plunging necklace towards the chest.

Successful stacking relies on harmony between your jewelry. Avoid layering necklaces as they may tangle.

Hanging earrings

In France, the trend of ear piercings is also emerging as the trend to follow in 2023. It is not limited to women only, but also concerns men. You can wear up to 10 earrings on your ear.

According to the prestigious store Saks, massive jewelry still dominates the trends on the ears. However, discreet models are making way for those that are more imposing and colorful. In terms of color, as in decoration, green is essential this year. You can choose jewelry set with precious stones like jade, emerald, or chrysoprase.

On the catwalks, major fashion houses are also focusing on hanging earrings. It's time to bring out this piece from your jewelry box. If you have multiple piercings, you should wear the largest jewelry from top to bottom. This technique helps achieve a good visual balance.

To create the perfect harmony, opt for a pair of hanging earrings with studs in the same material, for example. If you don't have enough piercings, you can turn to fake piercings.

The comeback of cuffs and bangles

What are the trendy bracelets in 2023? By making a regular comeback in fashion, the bangle bracelet has become a classic. This year, it is the must-have in our jewelry boxes. This accessory takes the form of a ring. It can be rectangular, oval, or round. It is usually adorned with ornamental balls as an opening. You can choose it with graphic patterns, set with precious stones. Gold and silver bangles remain a preferred choice for those who love luxury jewelry.

In a minimalist look, a bangle bracelet is enough to add elegance to your outfit. In this case, choose a strong twisted piece adorned with beautiful stones. You can pair it with a watch. To create a bohemian look, you can layer it with other costume jewelry.

What about the cuff? As the name suggests, this accessory adopts the same shape as a shirt cuff. It is worn especially in summer when you can finally roll up your sleeves.

Even if you wear a long sleeve, it is possible to wear it over the garment as long as it is close to the body. Like bangle bracelets, the cuff is not a discreet piece of jewelry. You must therefore find the perfect harmony with the rest of the outfit.

Jessica Magnin