Jewelry may be small accessories, but they hold major importance in the eyes of those who wear them. They are true fashion accessories that, in addition to their decorative role, enhance an outfit, whether for men or women. Each piece adds a particular touch to a person's appearance.

Many women do not hesitate to add costume jewelry to fine jewelry creations to express their creativity. There is everything in the world of jewelry to accessorize your outfits for all occasions. Some models follow the latest trends. But others seem enduring and timeless, to accompany several lives. They come back in force every year.

Discover in this article what jewelry is currently in fashion and what was trendy in the 70s, 80s, and 90s and comes back every year.

The timelessness of jewelry: what is it?

Timeless jewelry never goes out of style. We always love wearing them for all seasons. In fact, timelessness is an extremely important concept in the world of jewelry. It translates into the creation of models that withstand the test of time. Wearing these adornments always brings pleasure.

A piece of jewelry should reflect your personality to offer you a unique aesthetic in the long term. It is not just a simple fashion accessory.

Rings, necklaces, earrings... no matter, these types of jewels are worn at home, at the office, or at an event. They do not follow the endless cycles of fashion.

This timeless aspect also gives more value to a piece of jewelry. Of good quality, this makes it an ideal gift idea that can be passed down from generation to generation in the family. It lasts over time, without losing its value or its luster. Several jewelers or fashion houses even use innovative products to keep up with the current style.

The collection of timeless jewelry is simply chic and refined. In this regard, a gold ring from your great-grandmother will always look good, even now. Worn on the right wrist, an onyx bracelet has never lost its benefits in bringing a benevolent serenity. Also, silver necklaces are highly appreciated nowadays.

Characteristics of timeless jewelry for women

"Nothing is lost... everything is transformed." Every year, you can see the return to fashion of certain clothing and accessory models from the 70s, 80s, or 90s. This notion also applies to the world of jewelry.

Timeless jewelry is timeless yet original, so they do not change with current trends. They retain their shine, style, shape, and design for a very long time. There is no risk of them losing their charm for several years. We love wearing them because these pieces bring a sure value to everyday life.

Models designed to last, to be worn daily

These are original, resistant, and durable jewelry pieces that you can wear daily. Bracelets, earrings, pendants, and fine gold-plated necklaces are both stylish and trendy for several decades. However, it is necessary to acquire high-quality models. The design materials must perfectly withstand time and external aggressions.

Designed to last, these types of jewels can be worn for many years and are usually passed down from generation to generation. Children will be delighted to wear a beautiful diamond necklace from their great-grandmother or bangle bracelets from their great aunt. A young bride will proudly receive an engagement ring in gold and diamond from her in-laws.

To stay fashionable for years, timeless jewelry is composed of materials that do not wear out over time. This can include gold, rhodium-plated silver, 925 silver, platinum, high-quality stainless steel, or well-treated gold plating.

Jewelry for women for all occasions

These fashion accessories are suitable for all occasions and styles. There is no need to change jewelry for each outfit. Your precious metal bracelets will not age in a few months to the delight of future generations. They will shine everywhere, while enhancing your look.

What are the trendy and durable jewelry pieces?

To start, jewelry plays both an aesthetic and functional role. It is essential for women leading a comfortable and modern life. Considered eternal, timeless models adapt to current trends. They can be necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings.

Timeless jewelry stand out for their finesse and durability. They allow women to remain elegant by creating an original and pleasantly stylish look. Some models are adorned with natural stones, such as pearls, or also precious or semi-precious stones. There is something for every color.


Earrings, small sleeper earrings, adjustable chain necklace, solitaire, or simply a beautiful pearly white pearl necklace are vintage models that women still love to wear. These small nacre concretions can be freshwater pearls or cultured pearls.

A wide variety of collections are available on the current market, such as a pendant necklace or a drop pearl earring. The small white beads also appear on costume jewelry to add a chic and glamorous touch.

Precious or semi-precious stones

Apart from pearls, precious or semi-precious stones are also timeless natural stones that add more value to your fashion accessories. They are integrated into almost all jewelry creations: necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings.

Fine or imposing, these stones give these jewels beautiful color nuances. Diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby, and quartz are the most recognized to accompany yellow, white, or rose gold.

Moreover, a gemstone-adorned ring suits all styles of clothing and will not become outdated. Many men choose a sapphire-adorned necklace or bracelet as a gift for their wives on wedding anniversaries, Mother's Day, etc.

Ultrafine collections

Ultrafine models with classic or original shapes are beautiful timeless basics. They have crossed the ages thanks to their elegant and refined styles. Their sober side allows discreetly enhancing any outfit and pairing with any piece. It is indeed pleasant to wear a beautiful fine necklace with a neckline.

The signet ring

What is more timeless than a magnificent signet ring? Worn for the first time, this XXL ring shape marked nobility at the time and proudly displayed family crests. It is now available in a more classic version.

A large antique 18-carat gold ring for women is still as fashionable today. Some people often like to engrave their initials on it. Men pair signet rings with their wedding bands. A wide range of shapes is available on the market: in gold, silver, stainless steel, with or without precious stones.

The charm bracelet

Bracelets composed of charms feature small dangling charms or stones. They remain very popular for creating a romantic and bohemian look. Each person can choose the charm that marks a good memory: flower, seashell, bird, heart... Numerous possibilities are available according to tastes.

Costume rings

Gold can be irresistible for creating timeless jewelry. But for those who appreciate affordable pieces, costume jewelry is an excellent choice. Therefore, gold-plated rings and cubic zirconia rings are chic and trendy at all times.

Opt for refined and elegant models

Sleek and elegant, timeless jewelry have the advantage of being able to enhance outfits on a daily basis. They come in several varieties, according to your tastes and desires, ranging from the most discreet to the most sophisticated. These accessories do not follow fashion trends, but their refined side lasts for eternity. There is no need to part with them, whatever the occasion.

Given as a gift, inherited, or collected as unique pieces, high jewelry products will certainly delight all generations. Worn on special occasions, they symbolize wealth, nobility, and ultimate elegance, much like haute couture in fashion. Their cost may be very high, but the investment is worth it.

What are the iconic jewelry pieces?

For some time now, cult collections have been highly sought after. They are suitable for those who wish to remain unique and authentic at all times. These are vintage and timeless pieces produced by renowned creators that are irresistible and never go out of style. Among the most recognized brands are:

  • The Love bracelet, symbolizing love, and the Panthère de Cartier bracelet,
  • The Magic Alhambra clover necklace, a lucky charm collection from Van Cleef & Arpels,
  • The Chaîne d’Ancre bracelet from Hermès,
  • The Ultra ring from Chanel,
  • The Serpent Bohème Toi&Moi ring in yellow gold adorned with diamonds from Boucheron…

Whether they are timeless classics or luxurious collections, timeless jewelry will accompany you for several years.

Jessica Magnin