The cozy sweater, faux fur, or knitwear period in autumn-winter is coming to an end. Temperatures are starting to rise. It smells like flowers, trees, ice cream, and vacations. Each season, you worry about the trendy pieces to wear, as you like to stay up to date with the latest trends.

As the warmer days arrive, new colors and styles are essential for outfits. Ballerinas, jeans, total leather look, or cargo pants... Plain, colorful, or printed? Which accessories to choose? What clothing is the fashion trend for this spring? This article tells you about the new collections to follow to prepare your wardrobe for the upcoming season.

Top 10 trends for the spring-summer 2023 season to adopt

The end of the autumn-winter season requires you to change your wardrobe. Don't panic! Every year, the new fashion season offers a wide range of women's clothing or men's fashion to adopt. They can be seen in various catalogs and fashion shows. Just explore the catalogs to succeed in your look with trendy combinations.

Opt for cargo pants

Cargo pants are one of the key elements of the spring-summer 2023 fashion trends. Timeless, they are mainly known for their original military function. This type of clothing is not only reserved for men's fashion, it also fits into the ready-to-wear collection for women.

Cargo pants stand out for their wide cut and cargo pockets. Many fashionistas appreciate them for their practical, comfortable, and refined side.

Moreover, this outfit has several variations in terms of materials and styles. The low-rise version was a real star in the 2000s and is making a comeback in 2023.

Stay glamorous with the total leather look

Highly coveted in autumn-winter, leather is also part of the spring-summer 2023 fashion trends. It is featured in a total look by top designers like McCartney or Gucci to evoke a rock or biker trend. Opt for a leather jacket and skirt with a pair of boots or thigh-high boots, a very easy-to-wear sexy combination.

How to wear long dresses during the summer season?

Long dresses are essential in summer, provided they are made of soft and light materials. They are suitable for the beach as well as a romantic dinner. Pair them with a pair of pumps or sneakers, and you're good to go.

Adopt the Heartcore pattern

Heart patterns are not only reserved for Valentine's Day. They are also featured this year in the spring-summer 2023 collections, printed on a T-shirt, tank top, or neckline. You can also choose a model with an open back to reveal your skin. Some designers create a graphic heart cutout on a Boohoo blazer.

The return of ballerinas

Ballerinas are definitely making a comeback on the runways during the warm seasons. Italian models are made of satin, while others are made of leather. Some come with small buckle details or a strap. Whatever the style, this pair of shoes offers the advantage of being practical, light, and easy to wear.

Playing with transparency

A large number of silhouettes appeared with transparent looks at the Parisian spring-summer 2023 fashion shows. Other designers like Saint Laurent, Gucci, Valentino, or Fendi also focus on transparent materials without revealing too much of the body.

It could be a dress that reveals underwear and/or shorts, if you love the total transparent look. Otherwise, simply wear a top or a tank top with thin straps, made of light materials such as organza, knit, lace, mesh, tulle, or crochet.

The return of crochet

Crochet clothing and accessories are currently on trend. Swimsuits, dresses, tops, sweaters, cardigans, skirts... there is something for every fashion need and desire. In small touches or entirely, crochet definitely makes up a summer wardrobe. Pay attention to the cuts to lighten the fabric.

The hooded dress, the key piece

In a straight or fitted cut, the hooded dress is very trendy for the new spring-summer collection. In fact, some celebrities have already been spotted proudly wearing it at an event. The monochrome version is ideal and offers more elegance. There is a wide variety of styles: straight collar or plunging neckline, with or without sleeves.

Having fun with hippie chic with the long denim skirt

Comfortable to wear, long denim skirts are part of the new spring-summer 2023 collections from top brands. Since the invention of this fabric, it has become essential in men's and women's wardrobes. It is making a comeback this year in the spring and summer fashion trends to absolutely mark your femininity.

You can choose a long skirt made of raw denim with sneakers, high-heeled sandals, or very nice ankle boots. The trendiest ones love faded or ripped models. A version with asymmetrical ruffles can awaken the boho chic style that lies within you.

Jeans in small touches or in a total look

Denim is already a must-have this summer in a long skirt, but it can also be adopted in a total look: jacket, skirt, pants, and corset.

Trendy shoes and accessories for the spring-summer 2023 season

Shoes and accessories are inseparable from the latest fashion trends. This year, some key pieces perfectly complement your outfits.

Flat heels or flat sandals

Flat-based or low-heeled shoes are very comfortable during the warm seasons. They go well with long dresses or short dresses. Opt for colorful models to contrast your look. Moreover, heeled mules are best suited for a jacket.

Oversized bags

Maxi bag models are favored this summer. In fabric or leather, they are very practical for carrying everything you need on a daily basis. But clutches are not left out, as they accompany you during chic evenings or important events.

In addition to bags, long gloves, sunglasses, and belts are essential for the most stylish feminine outfits.


Jewelry always revolves around earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets during this summer period. It is possible to add some small accessories like pearl barrettes or chain belts for women.

What is the trendy color for this summer?

Let your colorful inspirations take over to fully experience the spring-summer 2023 fashion trends. Blue, green, yellow, beige, black, and red are among the key colors on the runways. Bright shades are favored. Some silhouettes display other lighter shades.

The must-have trends for summer: black and its gothic touch

The black hue is essential to add a gothic touch to a sexy outfit. Despite the sun, some celebrities wear this color entirely by favoring certain fabric varieties such as velvet, satin, tulle, leather, lace...

Pastel tones

If you like light and soft shades, the pastel palette suits your spring-summer trendy outfits. Sky blue, blush pink, pale yellow, light purple... will brighten up your winter gloom.

Wear a blush pink pantsuit with gold sandals for a wedding or a party. A T-shirt of this color pairs well with high-waisted denim shorts for the beach. Don't hesitate to add some ultra-cool and elegant accessories like a silk scarf or a pair of loafers.

Bright yellow, on the other hand, brings more radiance to summer outfits. This is the case by investing in long dresses or oversized sweaters in this shade.

Orange and its variations

This range of colors is a current spring-summer trend, the most appreciated by fashionistas to lead to sunnier tones.

The metallic trend

Gold, silver, or glittery, the metallic tone is making a strong comeback and evokes a festive touch in summer wardrobes.

Navy Blue

Beyond the classic tones, you can use navy blue to spice up your appearance.

Lime Green

To freshen up in spring-summer 2023, invite lime green into your wardrobe. It is a shade of acidic green with vibrant yellow hues.

Floral Print, Stripes, and Fringes

Subtle or in XXL size, the famous floral print motifs perfectly match the spring and summer spirit. Once again, they made a sensation during the fashion shows of top designers.

Stripes in all their variations are also back on the market. Shorts, blazers, pants... they allow you to easily create layered looks.

If you love bohemian styles, don't hesitate to embellish certain clothes and accessories with fringes.

Now you have all the tools in hand to change your wardrobe and welcome the arrival of the beautiful season in the best conditions.

Jessica Magnin